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In all life stages, our clients have wealth goals. Their goals vary depending on which stage they are experiencing. For example, young newly married clients may be aspiring to buy a first home, whereas a client nearing retirement may be thinking of the adequacy of their savings. Our financial planning process begins the path towards helping you meet your financial goals.

We begin the process by listening and helping our client identify, clarify and prioritize personal and financial goals. Usually these will be immediate goals and long term objectives and aspirations. The next step is to analyze all relevant financial data such as cash flow, taxes, inheritance, life insurance, assets and risk tolerance. We then begin to develop a plan that builds on a client’s financial strengths and adjust for financial challenges.

As changes occur in a client’s life stage and/or goals, we will readjust the plan. Different investment opportunities and changing tax laws will also prompt us to adjust our client’s plan. Our goal as our client’s fiduciary is to continue to create a viable, flexible financial plan and investment strategy that supports their evolving life stages and financial goals. Our wealth management service is also an integral part of the client’s financial plan.

Cash Flow Management

A client’s cash flow is a significant component to creating a secure financial path. As cash flows change, we will adjust the financial plan to accommodate the changes.

Tax Planning

Income taxes usually have an important impact on our clients’ financial plan. Our professionals not only hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designations, they are also licensed CPAs who specialize in complex tax planning. The firm is also affiliated with Keller & Associates, CPAs, a firm that has earned a reputation in the accounting profession for sophisticated tax planning for its clients.

Education Planning

Education can play a very important role in a person’s life goals.  We help our clients incorporate planning for their children’s education needs which include college, graduate programs, professional schools and private education for younger students.  We discuss different types of tax-advantaged investments and other types of funding with our clients.

Asset Protection

Managing the assets our clients have worked so diligently to accumulate, is another key area of financial planning.  We advise our clients concerning estate taxes, minimizing probate and setting up trusts.  We have close associations with attorneys who specialize in the specifics related to estate plans or we can work with your attorney(s).

Estate, Inheritance and Gift Planning

We work with our clients to plan and implement tax-efficient strategies during their lifetimes.  This helps clients protect their assets for their heirs.  Part of this process includes reviewing a client’s will, trusts, beneficiary designations, power of attorney and other related estate documents.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement begins by focusing on what a client envisions as an enjoyable lifestyle.  What assets the client is accumulating or what assets the client has already accumulated will serve as the foundation to formulating a plan.

Multi-Generational Family Planning

Preserving family wealth is an ongoing and evolving process. We work with our clients to help senior family members communicate their financial goals to children and other family members.   We establish a plan with a vision for changes in assets and changes within the family.

Charitable Giving

We believe in supporting philanthropic causes and assist our clients who also hold the same beliefs.  We have an in-depth knowledge of the IRS guidelines and rules for donations and work with our clients to ensure their donations not only further a charity’s cause but meet these guidelines.  We also have the expertise and experience to work with clients’ attorneys to establish charitable trusts and foundations.

Insurance Planning

Reducing risk by investing in specific types of insurance helps our clients stay on a secure financial path.  As a fee only advisor we offer unbiased recommendations to our clients about life, disability, and long term care insurance.  We also review a client’s current insurance product to see if it is adequate or appropriate for their life goals and financial security.