• About KMH

Our clients are very diverse in their life stages. We have clients who are in the early phase of planning their financial goals to the retired client who is enjoying financial security due to following a solid financial path.

Our clients also represent a broad spectrum from individuals who have been involved in the ranching and oil and gas business for over a century to the startup entrepreneur.

Typical attributes:

  • $750,000 or greater of investable assets
  • Located in Texas with some clients in New York, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Washington and Maine
  • Accept a long-term vision toward achieving investment goals
  • Value the benefits of financial planning
  • Multi-generational families
Areas of Expertise

We have individuals and multi-generational families who have extremely complex businesses and interests. Our 75 plus years of experience and knowledge enable us to effectively manage their assets and guide their financial planning.

Estate Planning
Investment and Wealth Management
Newly Acquired Wealth
Loss of Spouse
Sale of Business